Visiting Tout Quarry Nature Reserve & Sculpture Park In Dorset

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If you’re looking for a free day out in Dorset, then visiting Tout Quarry Nature Reserve & Sculpture Park should be on your list. One of Dorset’s hidden gems, there’s plenty to entertain the whole family, and it’s also dog friendly.

Roy Dog statue at Tout Quarry

Getting To Tout Quarry

You’ll find Tout Quarry on the Isle of Portland, so if you’re planning on visiting Weymouth and then perhaps Portland Bill, you should stop off on the way to Tout Quarry.

The nearest postcode for Tout Quarry is DT5 2LN. As you drive through Portland along New Road, take the third exit at Yeates roundabout. Continue along Wide Street until you see the right hand turning for Tradecroft Industrial Estate.

aligator sculpture tout quarry

Turn right into the industrial estate and drive a short distance until the road stops in front of you. To your right there is a wide track. Follow this track to the car park for Tout Quarry Nature Reserve & Sculpture Park.

History Of Tout Quarry Nature Reserve & Sculpture Park

Tout Quarry Sculpture Park began in 1983 after commercial quarrying stopped on the site and artists began creating their works on the abandoned Portland stone.

Today the site is managed by Dorset Wildlife Trust after becoming a nature reserve in 2012.

chair sculpture tout quarry

Sculptures At Tout Quarry

There are said to be over 60 sculptures at Tout Quarry Sculpture Park. Some are worn and faded, and some are still very clear and preserved. How many will you spot.

Possibly one of the most famous sculptures at Tout Quarry is the Roy Dog. Legend has it that the Roy Dog was as big as a man. He had one green eye and one red eye. He would wait for smugglers and fishermen to pass his cave and then drag them inside, never to be seen again.

mermaid sculpture tout quarry

This is one of the many, fun activities to see how many sculptures you can find. Some of the very obvious sculptures include an owl and a woolly mammoth. There’s also a mermaid, chair, iguana and a zen garden to name a few.

Exploring Tout Quarry

A top tip for exploring Tout Quarry is to wear sensible shoes. There are clear and designated paths through the site, however there is also lots of loose and uneven ground.

owl sculpture tout quarry

Your journey around Tout Quarry can take you up steps to higher levels and under arch ways. There are well placed stone steps in the quarry site, but some of these have worn away over time and are a little loose.

if you venture to the very top, you will be treated to amazing views across Chesil beach and into Weymouth. On a clear day the sea looks a gorgeous shade of blue.

view across chesil beach from Tout quarry

Tout Quarry Facilities

It’s a good idea to know before you go that there are no toilet facilities at Tout Quarry Sculpture Park & Nature Reserve.

Parking is free at the entrance to the quarry. it’s also a nice idea to take a picnic and enjoy from the upper levels of the quarry site.

steps in the cliff at tout quarry

Dogs are welcome, but keep them on leads for their own safety. With lots of uneven ground and cliff edges, it’s best to be safe. There are bins at the entrance to the nature reserve.

After your visit to Tout Quarry, we recommend a visit to The View Cafe at Harbour Heights Hotel. You can enjoy a drink or meal with a great view. It’s also a nice opportunity to admire the Olympic Rings statue.

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